Vendor Management in Odoo16

In Odoo, vendor management enables businesses to effectively manage and oversee their relationships with vendors. Effective vendor or supplier management enables a company to mitigate risks associated with vendors, control costs, ensure quality service, and derive long-term value from suppliers. By implementing strong vendor management practices, businesses can benefit from careful vendor selection, streamlined contract management, improved performance tracking, enhanced vendor relationships, and increased value.

The Purchase module provides robust functionality for vendor management, allowing you to easily maintain vendor records, track sales history, and manage vendor-related tasks.

Purchase => Orders => Vendors

To access vendor information in Odoo, go to the Orders tab and select the Vendors option. The vendor details will be displayed in a Kanban view on the dashboard. You can use filters and groups to display specific vendors based on categories.

Vendors in odoo

You have the option to view the details of vendors both in Kanban and List view. To add new vendors to the database, click on the NEW button.

Opening a vendor all information such as whether the vendor profile belongs to an individual or a company, the vendor’s name and company name, contact information, VAT tax identification number, job position of the vendor at the company, website, preferred language for communication, and tags associated with the vendor.

Vendor Management in Odoo16
  • Clicking on the Meetings tab will display the calendar view of the scheduled meetings. You can select a date and time to add new meetings with the vendor. Additionally, you have the option to share your availability with the vendor by clicking on the “SHARE AVAILABILITIES” button.
  • The Opportunities feature in Odoo allows you to track the number of opportunities your company has with a specific vendor. Selecting the Opportunities option, you will be directed to the Opportunities page where the vendor is specified according to the stage of the opportunity.
  • From sales, you can track the number of sales and quotations that are associated with the vendor, along with their respective invoice status.
  • You can view the number of Points of Sale (PoS) related to a specific vendor by selecting the PoS Orders. This allows to access the order details, receipt number, and order status associated with the PoS orders linked to the vendor.
  • The Subscriptions option allows you to view the information related to the vendor’s subscriptions, including subscription details and status.
  • Additionally, you can also view the number of tasks that have been assigned and planned for the vendor by selecting the Tasks.
  • Similarly, information such as Tickets, Purchases, amount Invoiced, Vendor Bills, Partner Ledger, Documents, and published Website, etc can be viewed.

Contacts and Addresses

In the Contacts and Addresses menu, you have the option to create and view contacts and their information related to the vendor. This allows for easy management of vendor contacts, enabling you to keep track of relevant contact information and addresses associated with the vendor for effective communication and collaboration.

Sales and Purchase

The sales and purchase details of the vendor with the company can be accessed through the Sales and Purchase menu.

Vendor management

Here as the Salesperson’s name, Payment Terms, Pricelist, Delivery Method, Barcode, 1099 Box containing the vendor’s journal summary, preferred Payment Method, automatic confirmation email settings for receipt dates in Receipt Reminder, Supplier Currency, Fiscal Position for tax determination, Reference, Company, Website, Website Tags, and SLA Policies. The Pricelist can be configured to align with the specific demands of the company, replacing the default price list to ensure accurate pricing information for vendor transactions.


Within the Accounting menu, you can access the accounting details of the vendor, which includes information such as the name of the Bank, Account Number, Account Receivables, and Account Payables.

Internal Notes

The Internal Notes menu allows you to record and view any notes related to the vendor. This serves as a dedicated space where you can add additional notes that may not fit into other fields or sections.

Partner Assignment

In the partner assignment section, you can access information such as geolocation, partner activation details, and partner reviews.


This includes information about whether the vendor has a Free Membership, the Current Membership Status, and an Associate Member status. The membership details listed include Join Date, Membership Type, Membership Fee, Invoice status, and Membership Status.

Odoo provides a streamlined solution to efficiently manage vendors, helping you maintain organized and up-to-date vendor information.

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