Why Should You Choose Odoo?

Running an organization smoothly requires all its departments to work in sync with each other. This might include many processes conducted by different people at different locations. To receive desired results in business, there has to be coordination between different departments involving complex processes in business to enable them to work together effectively.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): ERP can be described as business process management software that provides integrated solutions involving many apps to help & automate business processes.

A good ERP helps coordinate all work and thus improves efficiency at work and ensures smooth functioning thus playing important role in the success of the business.

odoo Why Should You Choose Odoo

Odoo provides wide-ranging functionality from managing customer relations to PoS. At Infintor, we ensure that our clients are leveraging all apps of Odoo that are required to their full potential & help to improve efficiency by providing an effective Solution developed by professionals having experience in ERP implementations in diverse fields. Whatever the business needs, Odoo has got everything covered.

Let’s look at few advantages amongst many which makes Odoo one of the most widely used & growing ERP solutions.

a)Modular Structure: Odoo provides a modular solution, we can even start with a single module and add different modules along the way as the business needs grow. It provides unmatched scalability for an ERP to meet all needs of users.

b)User Friendly: Odoo has a very good user interface providing a simple & easy way to use ERP solutions by users.

c)Open-Source: Odoo Community is open source. Having access to source code helps in the customization of applications.

d)Customization: Odoo is highly customizable. Thus, it is possible to customize the application & add new features to meet & cater to all requirements of users.

e)Integrated: It can be said that Odoo apps talk to each other as they are integrated thus all data entered will be reflected properly in all integrated modules.

odoo ERP Why Should You Choose Odoo

f)Cost-effective: As it is modular, we have to pay only for the applications required & grow along with business growth

g)Comprehensive:– Odoo has more than 30 core modules and thousands of community modules. These modules can be used and modified to meet the various needs of diverse customers.

odoo Why Should You Choose Odoo

h)Updations: Odoo continuously updates & adds new apps to meet the continuously evolving requirements of clients.

i)Security: It provides high security to all business information which is mostly confidential.

j)Cloud Solutions: Infintor extends support to deploy Odoo on web servers like AWS & other secure environments available.

As an Odoo Partner, We at Infintor makes sure that our clients get perfectly tailored solutions according to their business needs. Odoo’s functionality, scalability along with the support of experienced professionals at Infintor ensures that migration to Odoo ERP solution is smooth & hassle-free. Feel Free to contact us to plan & create a perfect solution for all your business needs.