Work Entries in Odoo 15 Payroll Module

Work Entries keep track of an employee’s scheduled work hours. It contains all of the employee’s work schedules, leave requests, and other obligations. The payroll module is fully integrated with the other modules and you may generate payslips directly from the work entries page for a smooth workflow. The specific work entries features and capabilities are very efficient and simple to use, allowing you to easily manage and overview work entries and arrange Payslips.

Configuration => Work Entry Types
work entry types

When we open the Work entry types, all the created work entry types will be shown. To examine and change any of the Types, you can open it and edit.

A new work entry type can be created by clicking on the create button.

Creating new work entry type

Enter the name and code for the new work entry type. Add the DMFA code and select a color to give the new Work entry type a distinct character. Add the rounding type from the three rounding options: no rounding, half-day, or a full-day. Choose the desired Unpaid in Structure type. Valid for advantages can be activated on the work type. A meal voucher can be activated if you want to accept the meal voucher. Depending on the nature of your business management style, you can enable or disable the representation fees and you can even allow for car reimbursement. Activating the time off option helps to add time off type based on the work type and whether or not to keep time off rights. After filling in details click save and the newly created entry type will be listed on the work entry type page.

Configuration => Working Times

Time management for work entry is an important part of effective employee payroll processing. Every company has its own set of working hours, and employees will work according to distinct schedules. Odoo‘s payroll module makes it simple to manage and create work entry times.

Odoo 15 Payroll

A list of all of the working time is displayed. If you want to edit any of the previously created working times, open the respective time from the list.

Click on the create button to create a new working time.

Work Entries in Odoo 15

Name the working time, select the company and adjust the full time. The working time per week is defined as full-time. The average hour per day can be set and also enter a percentage for the work time rate. Select the time zone for the country in which the company is based. Under the Working Hours tab, all working hours are listed.

Work Entries => Work Entries
Work Entries in Odoo 15

Work entries are created automatically. All of the employee’s work entries will be displayed. The data in employee work entries can be viewed differently depending on the day, week, or month.  The work entry details of the employees can be found to the right of the page.

Work Entries in Odoo 15

The Payslips can be generated from the work entries page by clicking the Generate Payslips button. Before generating a payslip, remove the conflicts from the work entries. Conflicts are usually demanding for time off during the working day.

Work Entries => Conflicts
Work Entries in Odoo 15

All the conflicts will be displayed and by clicking on the filled columns, you can clear the conflicts.

Odoo 15 Payroll

A message has been shown stating that you must approve (or refuse) the employee’s leave request. By pressing the Refuse time off or Approve time off options, you can refuse or accept the time off. When the conflicts are resolved the work entries will be validated. Then you can generate payslips from the work entries page after resolving the conflicts. Proper and efficient payroll management is required for efficient work entry management.

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