Planning Employees Shift in Odoo

Planning is systematic thinking about ways and means for accomplishing goals. Planning is a future course of action.

The planning application allows creating employee shifts, keeping track of scheduled hours and planning regularized operations to function in an organized manner. The company’s shift management can be managed in a planning module, which allows for the creation, management, and monitoring of roles, shifts, and schedules.

Opening the planning module a list of schedules will be displayed in calendar view.

My Planning

Under the My Planning tab, an employee can view his/her plans and schedule. Already created shift schedules will be displayed. It can be viewed separately for a day, a week, a month, or for a year.

A new shift can be assigned to an employee by configuring work roles and shift templates.

The roles of operation can be created under the planning module.

Planning module => Configuration => Roles

All the created roles will be displayed. New roles can be created using the create option available.

You can provide names for the role, add the resources and services. Colors are used to describe the roles to help in easy identification while functioning.

Configuration => Shift templates

The existing shift templates based on the roles are displayed.

For creating new shift templates click on create button.

The role for the template can be chosen from the list, the project and task can also be assigned if necessary. Assign the template start hour for the shift along with the duration of working hours in the company.

Shift planning

Open the planning menu all the employee’s schedules will be listed out and the duration depicted can be seen in the day, week, month, or yearly plans. You can filter out the operation based on the roles of functioning. Planning can be done once the role and shift templates are described.

To create a new shift you can click on add or click on a specific time duration from the planning dashboard.

At first, select the shift templates. Describe the role, project, task durations, and time allocation. An employee can function in multiple roles and multiple shifts as long as it does not collide in functioning. Repeat option can be enabled if the shift planned is described as repetitive. Enabling the save as template option gets added to the list of templates. After adding the details, you can save and publish which will be visible to the employee concerned. 

A shift can be set on a respective date or duration by selecting the plus sign available in the planning window.


Planning analysis is shown under-reporting. You can add the data into new spreadsheets or can be downloaded directly for various purposes.

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