How to Configure Blocking and Warning Messages in Odoo

Odoo provides a useful functionality that enables users to configure informative or blocking warnings for each customer, vendor or product. This feature can be accessed by navigating to the Inventory, Sales, and Purchase settings and selecting the “Warnings” option, which allows for setting up alerts on partners, customers, or products.

To manage product or partner alerts, go to Inventory settings and enable Warnings so that we can receive informative or blocking warnings on partners.

Sales settings in Odoo offer the option to enable warnings for products or customers in orders. This feature provides users with alerts that can be configured to suit their needs.

Purchase module in Odoo allows users to enable warnings for products or vendors in orders through its settings. This feature enables users to receive alerts when certain criteria are met, thereby improving the purchasing process.

Once the warnings feature has been enabled, users can create customized alerts for sales, purchases, or any product by selecting the desired types of alerts.

To set a warning for a product, follow these steps:
  • Navigate to the Inventory module and select the “Products” menu.
  • Choose the product for which you wish to set a warning.
  • Click on the “Edit” button to modify the product details.
  • Under the sales tab select the “Warnings” and specify the criteria for the warning.

Here are the three types of warnings available:
  1. No Message: No message, alert, or warning will be displayed.
  2. Warning: An alert message will be displayed to the user.
  3. Blocking Message: This will trigger an exception that stops the workflow.

This message will appear in a pop-up wizard when we try to sell this product.

To demonstrate this, let’s create a sale order for the product with the warning.

Upon adding the product to the order line, a warning message will appear. Despite being a warning message, users can still confirm the sale order.

Alternatively, it is possible to set a blocking message for the product. To do this, select the “Blocking Message” option from the list and enter the desired message. When creating a sale order for the product, the blocking message will appear as a popup and prevent the sale from proceeding.

Let’s create a sale order for this product.

After adding the product to the order line, a popup window will appear displaying a message that blocks the sale and clears the order line.

Similarly, it is possible to set warnings for products when making purchases. To do this, navigate to the product form, within the Purchase menu select the Warnings. Here, users can add warning messages as desired.

When creating a purchase order, a popup message will appear as soon as the product is added to the order lines.

To set alerts for vendors and customers, follow these steps:
  • Open the desired vendor or customer.
  • Under the Internal Notes menu, select the option for adding warnings.
  • Various warning options will be available, including alerts for sale orders, purchase orders, invoices, and picking.
  • Choose the desired warning option(s) and add the warning message(s) as needed.

Once the warning or blocking messages have been added, save the details and proceed to create a purchase order. When selecting a vendor for the purchase order, any configured warnings will appear as a pop-up message. Despite the warning message, users can still continue with the purchase flow.

However, if a warning has been set as a blocking message, it will prevent the purchase from proceeding with that vendor.

It is possible to set warning messages and blocking messages for products, customers, and vendors within the sales, purchase, and inventory modules of Odoo.

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