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Let's Together Rebuild God's Own Country

Kerala, the southern state of India's tropical Malabar coast is one of the most prominent tourist destinations across the world. Kerala is known for its rustic beauty and an incredibly picturesque landscape, grassy hills and serene backwaters, which attract tourist from all over the globe. Unfortunately, today if you google out Kerala, the first thing you would probably find is "Kerala Flood"! Kerala is affected by severe flooding due to unusually high rainfall during monsoon. Around 300 people lost their lives and many were displaced and 4.6 Lakh people are in relief camps, in addition to that, Kerala as a whole has suffered a loss of around 20k Crore as per the initial assessment.

Unlike what usually happens after a disaster, the Kerala government has not faced severe criticism for what went wrong. The political class, bureaucracy, civil society and definitely the people of Kerala thrived together to overcome the disaster.

Over the past few weeks, as the rain poured havoc on Kerala, there were plenty of stories of desolation and loss, but some of the stories were truly inspiring!

Kerala's superheroes came in different roles! The fishermen rightly called "Kerala's superheroes without caps", were among the first to reach the flood-affected areas. They travelled a long way in their boats to rescue the people who were stranded. The official rescue forces, the Army, Navy, the NDRF and Coast Guard deployed in the state was working 24/7 to save the lives. The people of Kerala came together as those who were stranded in the worst flood that Kerala has ever witnessed!

We are proud of our team who made their sincere efforts in saving the lives of people with a domain named "SmartKeralam". They were the faceless voices working the helpline numbers, handling distress calls from parts across Kerala. A big round of applause for Vineeth, Aniruddh, Arun, Jithin, Mike, and Sujith for taking up the responsibility and making it a huge success. It's a matter of pride for us to function as one of the offices of Infintor Solutions in Kerala.

Immense gratitude to those who stood by side, hand in hand, day and night and rose above caste, creed and religion and politics to help Kerala get back to her feet. The path to recovery can be long and difficult, but you can make a difference by joining the rebuilding efforts.

Contribute generously to the Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund

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