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Our Manufacturing Software is a modern solution to an old problem. It is an all-in-one solution that offers Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), Quality, Maintenance, and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) fully integrated. The software offers accurate planning directly based on real manufacturing times measures, eliminating the need for time clocking. The solution also offers real-time communication and shop floor automation to capture data in real-time from your equipment using the API. The software includes everything needed in a single software, and it is easy to use yet powerful and valuable.

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Manufacturing orders : Effectively manage the manufacturing of your products by organizing them into assembly lines or manual assembly processes.

Work orders : Initiate the manufacturing of specific items required for the final assembly of your products through the creation of work orders.

Barcode : Utilize barcodes to expedite your manufacturing processes by scanning lot or serial numbers, initiating a maintenance request, pausing/starting/stopping a stopwatch, progressing to the next step, and more.

Repair orders : Efficiently manage repairs of items under warranty or service with our repair orders feature. Keep track of repair requests, allocate resources, and monitor progress to ensure timely completion of repairs.

Editable MOs : With editable manufacturing orders (MOs), you can easily make changes to your production plans even after they have been completed. This allows you to consume other products that were not initially planned and make necessary modifications to MOs.

Unbilled orders : With unbilled orders, you can easily disassemble a finished product and recover its components for further use or resale. This helps in reducing waste and optimizing your inventory management.

Schedule & Plan

Plan manufacturing : Efficiently plan your manufacturing operations and have a clear overview of your production schedule to easily reschedule as needed.

Organize work orders : Efficiently manage your production process by organizing work orders and ensuring that all available resources are utilized optimally. Plan ahead for your production needs and avoid delays or bottlenecks by making informed decisions based on real-time data.

Manage Bill of Materials : With the “Manage Bill of Materials” feature, you can easily keep track of the availability of items in stock and the production time required to manufacture products. This allows you to manage your inventory levels and plan your manufacturing schedule accordingly.

Workcenter Capacity : Manage and optimize your workcenter capacity by utilizing the MRP Scheduler. This tool helps schedule your work at each workcenter based on their Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and capacity. With this information, you can plan your production to ensure that your workcenters are used efficiently and effectively, without overloading or underutilizing any particular resource.

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Master Data

Create multi-level Bills of Materials : Enable the creation of multi-level Bills of Materials to allow the manufacturing of components required for a product included in another Bill of Materials.

Optional routing : You can define multiple routes for work orders to optimize the sequence of operations and resources used during production.

Version changes : Keep your product versions up-to-date by enabling configurable options and adding new versions when creating orders.

Kits : With the Kits feature, your sales team can sell products that will be provided as a package of parts to be assembled.

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Versioning : The versioning feature allows you to conveniently identify differences between versions and keep track of changes over time.

PLM : Use Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) to track the versions of your products, Engineering Change Orders (ECOs), and their related documents. Merge different ECOs that correspond to the same Bill of Materials (BoM) for efficient management.

Engineering Changes : Track engineering changes with a comprehensive kanban process for ECOs, enabling you to manage all changes and their corresponding tasks efficiently.

Document Management : Effortlessly manage and store plans, worksheets, and other relevant documents for your bills of materials and routings using the document management feature.

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Preventive Maintenance : Automatically generate maintenance requests based on key performance indicators (KPIs) with our preventive maintenance feature.

Corrective Maintenance : Initiate corrective maintenance tasks from the control center panel to quickly address issues as they arise

Calendar : You can schedule your maintenance operations using a calendar, allowing you to plan and prepare in advance. This can help prevent any unexpected equipment failures or downtime.

Statistics : Obtain all maintenance statistics automatically calculated for you, including MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures).

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Workcenter Control Panel

Tablets : Equip each work center with tablets to streamline and optimize their operations.

Record production : You can easily record your production details, including scanning products, lots, or serial numbers, to keep track of your inventory and manufacturing progress.

Worksheets : You can show instructions to the operator on the work center through worksheets.

Misc Operations : Operators can easily perform a range of actions from the work center, including scrapping products, creating quality alerts, and conducting checks.

Alerts : Utilize alerts to notify operators about changes in production schedules, quality checks, or other important events happening at the work center.

Work order steps : With the work order steps feature, you can break down your work order into multiple steps and link them to worksheet pages. This allows you to provide detailed instructions to the operator, such as scanning a product, taking a picture, performing a quality control check, and more. This feature helps streamline your production process and ensures that each step is completed accurately and efficiently.

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Traceability : This feature enables you to obtain a comprehensive report on the components used in the manufacturing process, providing upstream traceability.

Cost analysis : You can track the cost of each manufacturing order by taking into account the cost of the components used as well as the cost of your operations such as labor or materials. This will help you to analyze the overall cost of production and identify areas where you can reduce costs and improve profitability. By tracking the cost of each manufacturing order, you can make better decisions related to pricing, inventory management, and production planning.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness : The Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) feature helps you analyze the workload of your work centers, identify productivity losses, and track the overall equipment effectiveness of your manufacturing process.

Manufacturing Software

Our Manufacturing Software comes with all features that you wish created with to ensure you get Best- Always!!


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Client Management

Keep a record of birthdays for special day offers and gift hampers, and also skin details in case of allergies to products. Track client’s last visit and upcoming appointments.


POS or Point of sale system is offered on all your devices, not just your front desk but to your mobile phones as well. Operating transactions from wherever you are.


Detail reports can be used for tracking progress of business. You can run the payroll, inventory, customer retention reports and employee performance reports. We give Simple, precise and systematic reports that can be handled on any device.


Schedule your spa days accordingly, easy access from all devices, book anytime anywhere for the requested staff, book anytime anywhere for the requested staff


Effective handling of inventory is an important factor. Inventory helps keep track of products, ensuring cases of restocking and under stock items. One of the best ways to avoid larceny or wastage is properly managed inventory.

User-Friendly Dashboard.

View & Manage all bookings easily from dashboard thus reducing human effort & improving productivity.

Sales & Products

Sophisticated built in point of sale and takes care of sales transactions. Invoicing, receipts, taxes and product managements are all taken care of with our advanced software systems.

Emails & Notifications

Offers and promotions will be sent to you and also your appointment reminder. We don’t let our customer lose the appointment any day. Instant updates on your phones for scheduling or rescheduling.

With Every Appointment, Our Clients Get The Most Out Of The Best

Our spa management software is designed to be simple to use. Make bookings pretty easy, quick and convenient for your clients & give them a unique experience with the spa management software.



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