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Infintor is a leading Mobile App Development Company in Kochi, design simple but creative Android and iOS mobile app solutions for any business. Our professional team develops fine crafted and comprehensive mobile applications. We create mobile apps with the right hands, for the best output and to ensure that all applications are user-friendly and easy to use.
Infintor believes in our client sucess, we process the information accordingly before the research and planning of mobile app development, which make as special among other app development companies in kochi. As a top Mobile App Development Company, we create custom made android and iOS application to attract maximum audiance to our clients business.
In todays world it impossible to run a great business without mobile app solution. Seventy-five percent of the world’s population spend their time in that big, but mall world called mobile, which increases the requirement of inculcating mobile application solutions into any business.

IOS Mobile App Development

Infintor Solutions has an expert team of ios app developers and they keep high standards on each iOS app development procedure.

Our experience and commitment define the work we do, if the majority of your customers fall into the iOS family then dont waste your time, make your customers happy by creating professional iOS applications with our iOS app development services.
ios mobile app development company in Kochi

Android Mobile App Development

With a wide range of delivered android app development projects in our portfolios, the standards of app development have risen up to take in more challenging projects with more satisfying outcomes.

Android app development has been a part of Infintor Solutions since from the beginning, our android app development range widens to all the areas including m-commerce app, social app, entertainment and news app, fitness app, listing app, medical app, local business app, travel app, taxi app and location based apps.
android mobile app development company in Kochi

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Hybrid application development has made its way into the application development sector with a bang. This cross-platform mobile application technology that serves all the mobile operating systems including Android, iOS and Windows.

Our team at Infintor builds the right mobile application for you with their own expert hands. Hybrid applications are faster, cost-effective and create faster delivering.
hybrid mobile app development company in kochi

React Native Mobile App Development

A react native app is the real mobile app. A framework that helps you build the mobile application you desire.

React Native application is faster and easy reloadable on your app. Our extensive work experience and high-end capacities can bring you the best results.
react native mobile app development company in Kochi

Mobile Game Development

Our game projects are of high standards and polish. It’s our responsibility to turn your game imaginations into realistic mobile game apps.

Constant communications and updations are our highlights, that help us satisfy the requirements.
mobile game development company in Kochi

Qualities which we possess

We build native mobile apps in iOS, Android and Windows platforms with emerging technologies and development practices to spice up the user experience.

Fast loading

Slow loading can be a big negative factor in mobile app development, well Infintor never keep our users waiting. Loading speed has the highest priority.


No conflicts or rapport with our mobile app's, they are always responsive and user-friendly. You can use our android and iOS mobile app's on any device from anywhere.

Greater UI

Infintor create mobile app UI's with the vector tools and every fine detail is taken into consideration which helps to makes each app screens looks sharp and attractive.


Each transictions between screens and menues of mobile app's are planned by our talented team members and implemented in the most effective way.


We take all the necessory steps to keep each data safe and secure during the mobile app developemnt and after the development process.

Offline work

We develop mobile application with the functionality to work even without internet and the datas will save to server during the next connection time.

Why Mobile App is so important for business?

Give a different hype to self by stepping to a new world of technology with the Android and iOS mobile app development solutions for your business.
All-Time Customers
Customers spend more time on mobiles than any other device. Which gives us instant ways to reach out.
Build Customer Loyalty
Constant use of the application can bring in a feeling of loyalty in customers.
mobile app development company in Kochi
Direct Marketing Channel
As customers are constantly glued to their mobiles. It's the easiest and most direct way to market.
Creates Brand and Recognition
The mobile application is the best click to make your way into the competitive market.

Technologies We Develop Mobile Apps With

We build native mobile apps in iOS, Android and Windows platforms with emerging technologies and development practices to spice up user experience.
mobile app development in Kochi

Check out the latest mobile apps
we're working on.

We design and develop mobile apps that delight your users and grow your business. Enterprise-grade development combined with outstanding design.
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Niya Treat

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City Gate

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Sechoir Lounge



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