Odoo ERP

Odoo Integration

Odoo Integration

Odoo has Modular structure which is a great advantage as we can start small; add modules as per requirement and grow big. Extensible architecture allows us to integrate applications other than ones provided by Odoo using API and other web services

In todays demanding business environment integrating needed platforms with system can make our business processes simpler & efficient. It helps in better interaction between different platforms internally while also saving us time.

Infintor makes sure that our team make use of versatility of Odoo to provide you custom solutions to meet all your needs at a reasonable cost.

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Advantages of Integration

  • Increase functionality to meet our requirements
  • All information at single place
  • Better Productivity
  • High Efficiency
  • Increase in Profits

Integrations that we undertake

Our Methodology

  • Dicuss with client & understand deatils of requirement including particular specifications. Our team then analyse it thoroughly to make further steps easier.
  • We analysts conduct feasiblity analysis and discuss with client about our findings and solution we can provide.
  • After reaching an agreement our designing & decide structuring & confirm detailed plan of how systems should be integrated
  • Our development team implements design while being parallely tested by our analysts to minimise possibility of errors
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  • After confirming everything is proper we deploy the solution at Client’s place.
  • After Deployment we make sure that system is rigorously tested again by employees to make sure that all process are working as per requirement.
  • Training & support is provided after deployment as per the requirement.
  • Proper Documentation is provided & webinars conducted to clear doubts & ensure seamless integration.


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