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Simple, Effective

The Best Solution For HR Department

WIND HRM is the smartest way to streamline your business. HRM plays a very important role in a business and hence we present the WIND HRM as the most comprehensive and fully customized Human Resource Management solution for Large, Medium and Small sized organizations.
WIND provides you the ERP tool to automate and simplify the company's HR operations with easy-to-do and customizable software to manage the workforce.

Streamlined & Improved

WIND HRM integrates human resource as a whole with administration benefits, payroll, recruiting and training, and performance analysis and review into a centralized platform.
WIND HRM provides end-to-end solutions for managing the employees and management oriented aspects. Infintor's HRM software has streamlined and improved the complex structure of HR processes in Qatar, making it easier for your company to focus on the most important asset of your organization, the People

Leave Management System

This module helps the administrator to maintain and manage all the employees leave applications with ease.

Employee Profile

Having a good employee profile system, communication and decision making is made easier and puts comprehensive employee information such as Joining details, family details, emergency, club membership profile and much more.

Payroll Management System

Having the right payroll solution can save time, money and also, simplifies the processing & publishing of employee payment with the reporting system.

HRD Procedures

Manage effectively and efficiently the final settlement, superannuation, PF Challan, gratuity, tax calculation with a single solution.

Reimbursement Management

Enables easy handle of the business management system and helps in creating n number of reimbursement heads as per the requirements and policies.

Salary Reports

Help in simplifying the complex structures of Bank Statement, Salary Sheet, Bank Transfer Statement, Online Time, Bank Recovering Statement, Salary Summary, Reimbursement Detail and Allowance(Deduction)

Asset Issue (Tool Issued, Issued Products)

The tools issued and products issued to the employees can be checked using asset issued status and enables to know the tools that are deployed to the employees.

Document Expiry Management

Document Expiry Management helps the HR in managing the expiry of documents such as Qatar ID, Passport, Driving license, visa, and health card expiry.

Performance Management

This feature of HRM helps you keep track of the intensity of performance enabling them to make decisions that drive productivity and boost profits.


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