Breakthrough in E-commerce by integrating ERP

Breakthrough in E-commerce : E-commerce is the predominant business model in the robust world. It has drastically changed the way of carrying out business principles and models. The contemporary on-online business has revolutionised by adopting swift processing and greatly rewarding methods. 

To compete with peering companies, the successful market runners very well know the compelling factors to deal with long term business such as simplified process, striking with systematic supply, reasonable price and creatively launching products with new effective methods to promote and draw customers.

Advantages of integrating ERP

  • Wins customer reliance and acceptance

The crucial point of business is when customer orders any product, and not to disappoint customers’ later by out of stock message, or varying price from business dealers, or representatives and getting totally a different price from the e-commerce website and mobile applications, it makes customer more elusive to decide on buying product. When customers get precise information from a website, it builds reliance and brings customer with great interest to buy products from the e-commerce site. It is quite obvious that satisfied customers bring more customers by spreading their experience with family and friends. 

  • Ease of accessing information

When an e-commerce site/apps is functionally integrated with ERP system, customers can easily access and fetch real time information of product, stocks in inventory, order status and their shipment information all time and every time. Regardless to any time, customer can access information they seek and this enhances e-commerce business much interactive. 

  • Benefits of automated process

Manual process is tedious to maintain the important information of product, pricing and stocks in inventory. With automation, human flaws are eliminated to greater extent that can save your investment and progression of business model, and runs your business successfully without any reservation.

  • Fast track and efficient delivering system

During the order fulfilment cycle, the e-commerce store directly sends the sales order information to the ERP system. By this way the integrated automation hugely reduces flaws and time effortlessly. The delivering operation can begin instantly, and swiftly fasten your business progression time. 

  • Economical management system

As the sales are immediately transferred to the ERP system, and so does the stocks in the inventory. Hence, this facilitates to plan for stock procurement even better by re-ordering options. It precisely shows the products that move your business. Moreover, let’s you know on stocking quantity to reduce back orders and avoid dealing with out of stock. All together the system provides great administration by neglecting revenue loss in the business. 

  • System of fidelity and comfort

As the data transfer between any ERP integrated system is much consistent and precise, it gives absolute comfort for the sales professional to deal with promotion activities, and to sell products shown in the system. In addition, it makes your the reports of financial executions more precise, this includes the progressing order datasets and e-commerce sales. The whole process gets boosted with clear visualisation and enables you to carry out the e-commerce business with greater efficiency. 

If you are still running your e-commerce business without integrating automated ERP system, then the business is without enhanced productive model and at the verge of risk factors such as manual entry errors during sales in the ERP, or while updating stocks in inventory or product data in your website. Moreover, every process is time consuming and gruelling work that makes your business tedious with possible errors, which must be avoided in business at any cost. 

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