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An innovative, high-end software development company in Kochi Infintor Solutions, which offers a variety of cutting edge software development service in mobile application solutions, website design and development services, ERP Software Solutions, Custom software solutions,
Branding and Design, SEO, Social and Viral Media Marketing.
Since 2014 we have been an idealistic and authentic software development partner for top-class brands in India, Qatar and UAE.
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Creative Projects

We have a set of talented experts, who are updated in all aspects of mobile and website design technologies required to moulding your software ideas into unique and attractive application and design outputs.
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Quality Output

Quality is all about meeting or exceeding the client’s expectations. We deliver the best and quality software application outputs to our customers on time as required. The result is always a satisfied customer.
We make

Happy Clients

Our priority regarding client’s needs & requirements always stands high. We guarantee a panic less delivery of the mobile applications and website design solutions within the time span allotted & signed by us.

android application

Mobile Application

Being Mobilised!! We help you be a bit smarter with the development of Android & IOS applications for your business. Guiding your mobile app from scratch to the smartest available in stores.
infintor software development company in kochi

website software solutions

Website Design

Reaching out more clients with responsive website. An entire range of web solutions is provided by us including website design and development to grab the presence in World Wide Web.
software development company in kochi infintor

custom software

Custom Software

Remould worries to ideas. Building digital solutions to the business problems through unique plans and ideas by developing custom software solutions with high-security and ease of handling.
infintor software company in kochi

 E-commerce software

E-Commerce Website

Get digitised with Electronic commerce website, sell your products and services through e-commerce website to the large online customers without even having a physical store.
infintor software development company in kochi

branding and design

Corporate Branding

Be uniquely branded and create identity. A successfull corporate branding will creates consistent and unique look and feel and more over it creates trust and value to your business.
software development infintor company in kochi

online marketing

Digital Marketing

Reach the right audience through online medias. Find the targeted audience for your business with effective digital marketing services like SEO - Search Engine Optimisation, social media marketing, PPC, etc.
infintor software development company in kochi

Software Development Company Kochi

Our hands sharpen to create software which makes life simple and smooth. We create user friendly, cost-effective mobile app solutions and desktop applications for our customers that help to gain the maximum output from their business.

Our Core Values

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Quality falls into our usual habit. Applications delivered are made sure to be beyond the sights of the customer's expectations.

website design services

Integrity needs no rules to success, it leads to success. Our commitments are honored with integrity and delivered with utmost contentment.

creative mobile application

The creative team at Infintor Solution always offer unique experience in digital world and helps in converting dreams and ideas into reality.

Software Company in Kochi

We always work together to achieve a common goal and that is to provide customers the best user experience as possible in website design and mobile application software.

Software Development Company in Kochi
Will to Win

Our clients are the best trouble-shooters we meet on our journey. It's them who sets the fire of will in Infintor Solutions to take up anything & reaches the goals.

Infintor Software Kochi

A simple error in website design and mobile application development may leads to millions of loses to the customer. Infintor always folllow software security inspections.

Development Company in Kochi

Our signature stands with the fascinating uniqueness. We make sure our differences stand out to have opted, to be the best among all in the field of application development.

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We Infintor keep our teams head to the latest trends in the software technology. We make sure your ideas never lag behind in terms of the updations in development field.

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Tied to Time

we present you something even better than the dream itself. Our submissions are way before the time granted just so that you can enjoy it a bit before expected.

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Infintor recognised as one of the best software solution provider in Kochi, Qatar and UAE. Infintor specialises in custom software solutions, mobile application development, ERP solutions, website design, digital marketing services, branding and design activities, etc.

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