Comparison between Community and Enterprise version in Odoo-15

Odoo is among the top ERP software systems for managing all elements of your business, such as sales, CRM, purchase, accounting, inventory, website, HRM, and much more. The two editions available on the market are Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise, which are developed to meet the needs of different types of businesses.

Odoo 15 is available in two versions, Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise version. 

Odoo 15 Community: This is an Open-source version that is available for free and does not require a license. It has the limited capability but is useful for managing your business goals.

Odoo 15 Enterprise: This is a paid/licensed version of Odoo that includes all of the functionality of the Odoo Community edition as well as some additional features for managing company goals. The Odoo Enterprise version provides limitless functional support and version updates. It differs from the Community version in terms of performance.

Features of the Community version

Odoo Community is a fully open-source version. The Community version can be downloaded directly from the Odoo Official Website without paying any license fees. Odoo Community is a free version developed and established to fulfill the company’s requirements. It has a variety of customizable modules that are ideal for commercial activities.  Lack of unlimited functional support, version upgrade, and hosting assistance are only a few drawbacks of Odoo Community as compared to Odoo Enterprise. The studio applications and mobile versions are not supported. The Sales, HRMS, Website, eCommerce, and other modules are not fully functional in Odoo Community.

Features of Enterprise version

The users of the Enterprise edition can install a set of applications from their Enterprise pack, which they can customize according to their business requirements.

Odoo offers unlimited functional support, regular upgrades, and public and private cloud hosting to Odoo Enterprise. Since it is a paid edition, the subscription fee is depending on the number of users and apps used. Some modules like Help Desk, Sign, Marketing Automation, Quality Management, Maintenance, Online Appointment, Subscription, Studio, etc. are available in Odoo Enterprise but not available in the Odoo Community. In comparison to Odoo Community, Odoo Enterprise has more established application capabilities like barcode integration, shipping connector, and so on.

For example, Accounting is a necessary part of any business, and Odoo comes with an Accounting module in both editions. Users can only get help from Odoo Community with invoicing, payments, and basic bookkeeping. Odoo Enterprise users, on the other hand, get access to a wide variety of accounting functions. Accounting reports allow the users to view reports of balance sheets, profits, and losses on the same page are one of the most remarkable features. Likewise, some features are not available in the community version but are available in the enterprise version.

Functional features available in Community and Enterprise version of Odoo-15    

Features of Odoo-15CommunityEnterprise
Unlimited Functional supportNoYes
Version UpgradesNoYes
User interface  
Desktop – Web BrowserYesYes
Mobile – Android and iOSNoYes
Website BuilderYesYes
Sales management  
Customer PortalYesYes
VoIP IntegrationNoYes
Rental ProductsNoYes
Digital ProductsNoYes
Help DeskNoYes
Field ServicesNoYes
Repair ServicesNoYes
Inventory Management  
Purchase Management YesYes
Barcode Support/Scanner NoYes
Multi-Company/Inter-company Workflows NoYes
Shipping ConnectorsNoYes
Human Resource Management  
Employee Management YesYes
Recruitment YesYes
Time offYesYes
Referral NoYes
Departments DashboardNoYes
Invoicing and PaymentsYesYes
Full accountingNoYes
Marketing Management  
Email Marketing YesYes
SMS Marketing YesYes
Social MarketingNoYes
Lead Scoring NoYes
Templates for Email Marketing NoYes
Marketing Automation NoYes
Manufacturing Management  
MRP/Manufacturing YesYes
PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)NoYes
Quality NoYes
Menu EditorNoYes
Screen CustomizationNoYes
Report Designer NoYes

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