Configuring Mailing Lists in Odoo 15 Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the digital communication channels, and it is widely used nowadays for corporate and commercial objectives. The use of electronic messages to promote sales products, educate customers, and stimulate sales is known as email marketing. With an email marketing solution, you can not only send out your newsletter in a timely and consistent manner, but you can also track the success of your campaigns.

Odoo Email Marketing offers comprehensive assistance with email marketing campaign strategy, implementation, and evaluation. This tool allows you to control and track the delivery and status of communications. Several additional features and tools enhance your email marketing campaigns and make campaign management easier.

Email Marketing manages mailings, mailing lists, reporting, and configuration. A new email can be generated for any purpose.

Odoo 15 Email Marketing Configuring Mailing Lists

Create button make it easier to send an email to anyone about a specific topic. To send an email, you can add a Subject, choose Recipients, and select a template. It’s simple to send emails to your customers.

Odoo 15 Email Marketing Configuring Mailing Lists

Fill in the details. Instead of selecting a specific recipient, you can select a mailing list.

Mailing List => Mailing lists

Customer input is ensured, group items are tested, and sales are increased through mailing lists. Here, the existing mailing list can be seen.

Odoo 15 Email Marketing Configuring Mailing Lists

Using the Create Button a new mailing list can be created. When you click the Create Button, a new window appears to add the name of the mailing list and the option to make it public.

Odoo 15 Email Marketing

After filling in the details it will be added to the mailing list.

Mailing Lists => Mailing List Contacts

Odoo 15 Email Marketing

Here you may see a list of all contacts from all of your mailing lists. Select any contact from the list and open it. You’ll find all the information within the contact.

Odoo 15 Email Marketing

Email Marketing helps you send emails to customers fast and with a unique mailing structure that sets it apart from the competition.

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