Employee On-boarding Plans

Employee Onboarding helps the newly recruited employees to get adapted to the organizational culture, work environment, and goals. This helps in learning the attitudes, gaining knowledge and skills, and also the behaviors required for the effective functioning of an organization. Employee Onboarding is essential to maintain a skilled and dedicated workforce. There are certain tools available to define the On-boarding as well as Off-boarding operations of the employee to run operations of a company efficiently.

Onboarding Steps:

The planning can be accessed from the Employees module => Configuration => Plans.

Employee On-boarding Plans

For the functioning of a company, an Onboarding and Offboarding plan has been created. Here you can create a new plan by using the create button.

Employee Onboarding and Offboarding Plans

Opening the onboarding option, you will be directed to a page where all the activities of the onboarding plan have been described. By selecting the Edit option, you can directly remove an activity from the plan or add a new activity by using the Add a line option available.

Employee Onboarding Plans

After clicking the Add a line, you will be directed to the following window where all the activities are described.

Activity type in Onboarding and Offboarding Plans

Select the activity type from the list or new activity can be created by clicking on the create option available.

In the activity creation window; select the activity type, summary and assign the responsible employee for the activity and a detailed description of the activity can also be described. Finally, you can select the Save & Close button or a new activity can also be created directly by selecting Save & New option.

Creating Activity type in Onboarding and Offboarding Plans

Selecting the external link available you can add the Activity Name, Activity Settings, Action to perform, Default User, Default Summary, Next Activity chaining type, Schedule Date, and the Default description can be defined.

The Off-boarding plans of the company can also be defined in the same way as done with the On-boarding plans as described above.

The activities defined can be used in the functioning of an organization. Activities are defined as per the company’s demands.

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