Features in Odoo 15 Maintenance Module

The Maintenance module is a key tool for improving product and machinery management in your organization. The maintenance module can help you improve your machines’ health and production. Maintaining the health of the machinery can help with machine design and operation for maximum productivity. The Maintenance module allows you to conveniently track and arrange the status of maintenance requests as well as plan and organize tasks. All industries will benefit greatly from the Features in Odoo 15 Maintenance Module

A dashboard displays information about maintenance teams in the Maintenance Module. The best support for the instruments’ effective functioning comes from routine maintenance. It also allows the various sections to improve the processing of repair requests.

Odoo 15 Maintenance Module

The maintenance tab has two options: Maintenance Requests and Maintenance Calendar.

Maintenance => Maintenance Requests

Opening the maintenance request, a list of previously created requests can be seen. You can prioritize the requests by rating them.

Maintenance Request in Odoo 15 Features in Odoo 15 Maintenance Module

A new Maintenance request can be created by clicking the Create button.

Maintenance request creation Features in Odoo 15 Maintenance Module

Add the request title. The one who makes the request is the one who creates it and name the equipment that isn’t working. Equipment refers to machines that need to be maintained. Choose Maintenance Type. If a machine malfunctions during the manufacturing process, then a manufacturing order is issued. The maintenance team is in charge of providing specifics. The production date that has been set is referred to as the scheduled date. Mention the time required for maintenance. You can also set the priority. After filling in the details, save the maintenance request form.

Maintenance => Maintenance Calendar
Maintenance Request calendar view Features in Odoo 15 Maintenance Module

All maintenance requests will be listed here, along with their due dates. The calendar can be set to display on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. When you click on any of the dates on this page, a tab will appear to add new maintenance requests.

Equipments => Work Centers

You can see different work centers and a new work center can be created by clicking on the create button and filling in the necessary details.

Work centers in Maintenance Module Features in Odoo 15 Maintenance Module
Equipments => Machines & Tools
Equipments in Maintenance Module

To add new equipment click on the create button and fill in the details.

New Equipment creation in Maintenance

Configuration => Maintenance Teams

The primary function of all Maintenance Management Systems is to monitor the entire production process and analyze best practices in the field. Every organization required a dedicated maintenance team for this.

Teams in Odoo 15 Maintenance Module

You can create a new team by clicking create option and adding its name.

Configuration => Equipment Categories

Various categories can be found along with their responsible person and company. It is also possible to create a new equipment category.

Equipment categories in Odoo 15 Maintenance Module


Maintenance requests analysis is shown in the reporting tab. This can be viewed in various formats like Pivot, Kanban, List, and Calendar.

Reports in Odoo 15 Maintenance module

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