Gamification tools to motivate and reward employees

The Gamification tools are used to motivate and evaluate your employees by setting up certain goals with recognition and badges. Motivation helps the employee to attain tasks and goals in the shortest time. An organization evaluates and analyses the employees in their workspace based on the goals and challenges assigned. Employees are to be motivated so that the productivity of the company is enhanced.  

Managing Gamification Tools

Activating the developer mode you can see the Gamification tools displayed in the menu bar of the settings.

Gamification tools to motivate and reward employees
Gamification => Challenges

You can see various challenges that have been created.
The challenge is a task or a project created by the responsible employee and assigned to their team members.

Gamification Challenges

A new challenge can be created by clicking on the “Create” button.

Creating new Gamification Challenge
  • Add the Challenge Name
  • Adding filters to the challenge shows the associated number of matching records. By clicking it, you can see the related documents. It is possible to give code for filters directly in the code editor.
  • Assign a challenge to an employee or set of employees.
  • Add the person responsible for this challenge.
  • Set time period and the periodicity to complete the challenge.
  1. Goals – Add goals, conditions and targets as per the need.
  2. Rewards – mention the rewards for achieving the goals.
  3. Advanced options – suggest the users, mention the report frequency etc.

After creating the challenge, click on the “Start Challenge” button then the related Goals tab will be shown. You can see the goals assigned by opening the related goals option.

Gamification Challenge

The created challenge will be displayed among the other Running Challenges in the dashboard.

Gamification Tools => Goals

Goals assigned to a specific employee will be displayed. The current value and its status of progression get updated according to the completion of each task.

Gamification Tools => Goal definitions

You can create a new goal definition or configure the existing goal definition.

  • Add a name for the related goal.
  • Give a short description of the goal.
  • Select the computation Mode, the Goal Performance, the display, etc.
Gamification Tools => badges

Badges are recognition given to the best performers. These badges are given for tasks that cannot be analyzed numerically.

You can also create new badges by clicking on the “create” button.

  • Add the badge name, description, and choose who should present the badge.
  • Enabling the Monthly Limited Sending you can mention the monthly limit for giving the badge.
  • Monthly Sending Total displays the number of times the user has received the badge.
  • Select the rewards from the list.

Use the “Grant this Badge” option, and then choose the individual to award the badge. This can also be done from the badges window.

The simplest way of rewarding the employee for their work is carried out in this process of Gamification.

Gamification => Ranks

New ranks can be created or the existing ones can be edited based on the requirements. You can add the points required, description, and motivational phrase for reaching the rank.

Gamification => Trackings

Tracking details of various users are shown.

You can also display the specifics of Gamification from the employee module Employees => Configuration => Challenges

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