How to add Survey Questions for Evaluation in Odoo

Surveys are critical in today’s business operations since they are the approach for understanding the feed of an operation in progress. Organizations use surveys to determine product requirements, satisfaction levels, feedback, and many other characteristics of the customer.  Surveys are now available in digital format since the world has transitioned to the use of digital technologies and developments in communication. Online surveys allow us to reach a large number of people, analyze them, and get a representative picture of varied individual points of view. Surveys help you identify industry trends and adjust your marketing and product offerings.  A survey can be used for a variety of purposes, including market or product research, customer satisfaction, and employee feedback. Earlier, surveys were only conducted in the retail industry but now it has extended to various industries. The Odoo Survey Module is one of the tools that can be used to create and run customized surveys. You can define your website surveys based on both customer and employee aspects.

When you open the Surveys module you will be able to see all of the Surveys that are currently active.

Survey module

The Survey dashboard can be displayed in different views like Kanban view, List view, or Activity view. Filtering and grouping options are available to filter and locate the correct Survey if there are multiple ones described.

New surveys can be created by selecting the create option available and you will be directed to the following page:

How to add Survey Questions for Evaluation in Odoo

Add the survey title, the responsible person for the survey and an image can also be added at the space provided.

  • Questions

Under the questions tab, you can add sections and questions for this survey by selecting add a section and add a question respectively. Sections are used to organize questions. Selecting Add a question you will be depicted with the following window:

How to add Survey Questions for Evaluation

Define the question name and select the question type from the following types mentioned.  Under the answers section, you can mention the answers according to the question type, and also description can be added for the question in the description tab.

Under the Options tab, if the Mandatory Answer Option is enabled then only an Error message can be specified. Selecting the conditional display option allows specifying the answering conditions. If the Survey question needs to be timed, specify the Question Time Limit.

How to add Survey Questions for Evaluation

You can select the Save & Close or Save & New option, in which you can add new questions. The Survey will be saved with the Questions that you have created and defined.

Once the Questions have been defined, select the Save and Close option, which will take you to the respective Survey page where the entire Questionnaire and Sections are explained.

How to add Survey Questions for Evaluation
  • Description

Here you can add a description of the survey and can provide the guidelines for the candidates before they start the survey.

  • End message

This message will be shown after completing the survey.

  • Options
How to add Survey Questions

The Layout of the questions can be defined as either one page with all the questions, one page per section, or one page per question. Percentage or Number can be selected as the Progression Mode. The time limit can be managed for the questions. In addition, select the scoring options that include No Scoring, Scoring with Answers at the End, and Scoring without Answers. The Access Mode can be determined under the Condition, the Login required option can be enabled if necessary and the number of attempts can be defined. You can enable the Reward Quick Answer choices and provide the visitor with the Session Code so that they can access the survey.

Once the Survey is defined, save it. Select the Test option available at the top, which leads you to the Survey exactly as how they appear to visitors. The name of the survey, as well as the description that was provided, will be shown. Visitors can begin the survey by selecting the Start Survey option.

Start surveys

When you start, the Survey is depicted with the questions just as you have defined while creating the survey.

How to add Survey Questions for Evaluation in Odoo

The Odoo Survey module is used for gathering feedback or any other information needed to assess the success of a product or service of an organization.

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