INFINTOR SOLUTIONS Offers High-Performance Business Solutions: CEO Jithin J Naduvath

With advanced technology and systematic approach, INFINTOR SOLUTIONS provides impeccable solutions and services. This article by GoodFirms team explains the whole journey travelled by the CEO of INFINTOR SOLUTIONS-Mr. Jithin J Naduvath

High-Performance Business Solutions

Established in 2014, INFINTOR SOLUTIONS is a renowned digital transformation consulting firm offering quality business solutions to enterprises and SMEs worldwide. With advanced technology, the professionals build robust solutions for the client’s projects. The emphasis is on Mobile application development, Artificial Intelligence, E-commerce, ERP implementation, IoT, and custom software development business solutions, to name a few.

Furthermore, the company strives to deliver premium services that meet clients’ objectives. The team of specialists enhances the performance of the customer’s business operations by employing advanced technology. 

INFINTOR SOLUTIONS believes in delivering result-oriented and vital services, enabling it to be one of the top mobile app development companies on the GoodFirms platform.

Team GoodFirms grabs the opportunity to connect with the company’s CEO, Jithin J Naduvath, and talk about his company’s services and how he foresees his company moving ahead.

While enquiring about INFINTOR SOLUTIONS and briefly elucidating his role within the organization, Mr. Jithin J Naduvath stated that since 2014, the company had been a recognized digital transformation consulting firm offering quality business solutions to enterprises and SMEs globally. Further, the organization is a known Odoo partner with proficiency in consulting and implementing. The company has offices in India, Qatar, UAE, and the United States. It mainly focuses on ERP implementation, mobile app development, e-commerce, digital engineering, AI, digital process automation, custom software development, and IoT.

As the CEO of INFINTOR, the primary concern is to set the company’s vision, goals, and strategies and strive accordingly to fulfill them. He manages the senior resources and confirms the quality of services is appropriately maintained, resulting in strong relationships with the valued clients and stakeholders.

Further, the goal of the CEO is to be a trusted partner for the clients and a leader in the digital transformation industry. He explores ways to innovate, enhance processes, and classify new opportunities for growth and value additions.

The Success Story of INFINTOR SOLUTIONS 

Mr. Jithin J Naduvath recalls that the story of INFINTOR SOLUTIONS commenced in 2014 when he and his co-founder Arun K Vijayan decided to leave their jobs and start a new venture- Infintor Solutions. Initially, they worked from home, then moved to a residential premise, shared office space, and incubation centers, and eventually, they had their own office at Infopark Kochi, India.

Starting a new company was not a single-day decision but a mixture of thoughts and ideas to start a company that contributes to nation-building. The growing issue was unemployment, so Mr. Jithin J Naduvath wanted to perform his part in addressing the problem. So, both decided to make a difference by creating something of their own. Aspects like strategy, products, services, and marketing locations were decided gradually as they worked towards their goal.

They identified the positive impact that entrepreneurship could have on economic development, job creation, and the standard of living; consequently, they worked diligently to establish their company, Infintor Solutions, and confirm its success.

Business Model – In-House Team or Outsourcing 

When asked about the company’s business model, Mr. Jithin J Naduvath declared that the primary business model is to employ an in-house team of skilled professionals to deliver premium quality solutions and services to clients. The in-house team enables the company:

  • To maintain control over the development process efficiently. 
  • It assures that the client’s requirements are met competently. 
  • Help in fostering the culture of innovation within the organization.  
  • Notably, the company’s business model is designed to offer the clients stability and control of an in-house team combined with the flexibility and reach of a strong network of partners.

Differentiating Factors 

Mr. Jithin J Naduvath expressed that the company distinguishes itself from the competition through its expertise, innovation, customer service, stability, and cost-effectiveness. The dedicated team of specialists offer scalable and cost-effective solutions that grow and adapt with the clients. Moreover, the company’s commitment to remarkable customer service and responsiveness sets it apart from the competition and helps form long-term client relationships.

Industries Served 

Team GoodFirms also questioned Mr. Jithin J Naduvath about the industries they generally cater to. The CEO said the company caters to various industries and verticals such as retail, human resources, manufacturing, and health and wellness. Further, the company possesses a mix of repeat and new clients and focuses on offering top-quality solutions and services that form strong, long-term customer relationships. The team’s goal is to reliably exceed client expectations and become their trusted partner for all technology requirements.

The CEO further added that the company provides various services such as HR and Payroll management, Odoo ERP implementation, and e-commerce solutions that involve web design and development, payment gateway integration, and mobile app. The HR and Payroll management system simplifies the tasks, and ERP solutions enable businesses to centralize their operations.

Customer-Satisfaction Rate  

While knowing about the customer satisfaction rate, Mr. Jithin J Naduvath stated that the company has a very high customer satisfaction rate; nearly 98% of clients express satisfaction with the company’s solutions and services. The following steps taken by the company to cater to their client’s needs and requirements are:

  • The dedicated team of experts is always available to offer sincere client support and assistance.
  • The company firmly believes in clear communication, responsiveness, and attention to detail to form strong client relationships and provide successful outcomes.
  • The professionals closely work with the clients to understand their unique needs and requirements and offer tailored solutions that address their specific challenges and goals.
  • The team is committed to offering clients the highest level of services and is always eager to enhance their processes and exceed clients’ expectations. 

On knowing about the support system for the clients for catering to their queries and issues, the CEO mentioned that the company adopts a comprehensive support system. The support desk consists of experienced professionals who assist clients with their questions. Moreover, the company provides numerous training and support methods, including calls, chats, and remote access, to help clients get acquainted with the system and resolve issues quickly.

The review below highlights that INFINTOR SOLUTIONS offers apt solutions to their clients and believes in maintaining long-term relationships with them.

High-Performance Business Solutions

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Payment Structure  

While discussing the payment structure, Mr. Jithin J Naduvath replied that the company provides fixed costs with an annual maintenance contract for some projects, charges based on milestones achieved for others, and offers subscription plans for some solutions. The charges are determined based on the specific requirements of the project and its complexity.

In 2022, the company implemented projects ranging from 2500 USD to 75000 USD. Even subscription-based solutions from 75 USD are also offered by the company. However, the price range of the projects varies greatly depending on the specific requirements and complexity involved.
While concluding the interview, the CEO affirmed that the company’s vision is to become one of the world’s leading providers of digital transformation solutions with a sustainable and best-in-class team. He added that the company would build strong partnerships with leading technology providers and expand its reach globally.

To know more about the revolutionary thoughts of INFINTOR SOLUTIONS CEO, Mr. Jithin J Naduvath, you can go through the entire interview published on GoodFirms’ site. 

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