Lead Mining Request in Odoo CRM

Organizations use lead mining options to find new opportunities in business. The lead mining tool collects all the necessary data for leads and will be able to follow up on the leads provided by the mining tool. Quality leads are important to run the business smoothly and are essential for their growth.There may be a large number of leads to work with and to convert into customers after this procedure. A lead is a person or a company who has the potential to become a customer. Lead Mining Request in Odoo CRM:

To generate leads from your website pages and other places where the customers drop their contact details you can enable the Lead Mining option. New leads are generated based on country, language, size, etc. you need to have enough credits for lead mining. The setup and operation for Lead generation are simple and take only a moment. This tool allows you to produce Leads quickly and easily, saving time and valuable energy. The main purpose of CRM is to improve customer relationships, encourage client retention, and increase sales.

CRM => Configuration => Settings

Enable lead mining option in the settings.

Lead Mining Request in Odoo CRM

By enabling this, you can see a “Generate Leads” option in the pipeline and can create lead mining requests.

Lead Mining Request in Odoo CRM

After clicking on the “GENERATE LEADS” option you will be directed to the following page:

Generate leads Lead Mining Request in Odoo CRM

Add the number of leads. You can specify the countries and states from where the leads are coming from and also multiple countries and states can be added. Select industries or multiple industries that leads are collected. You can decide to filter the leads that you are getting depending on the size (number of employees) of a company and choose the salesperson and the sales team to whom the leads will be assigned. Adding tags helps to track generated leads. After filling in details generate leads.

Generate leads

Here a message is shown as not enough credits are available and you need to purchase some credits. Each generated lead costs one credit. If you choose to get contact information each contact will also cost one additional credit.

After clicking buy credits you will be directed to a page to buy credit for lead generation.

Lead generation Lead Mining Request in Odoo CRM

Lead mining requests can also be accessed from Configuration => Lead Mining Requests

Lead Mining Requests Lead Mining Request in Odoo CRM

The list of Lead Mining Requests is shown and from there itself you can create new requests by clicking on the create option.

The Lead Generation tool plays an important part in an organization attracting potential customers and retaining them with the pipeline structure, which assists you to prosper within the business. Lead mining is mainly used for getting quality leads and helps in the growth of a business.

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Lead Mining Request in Odoo CRM