Lunch Module in Odoo

Effective lunch management is crucial for all employees and staff in any organization. In certain cases, providing lunch for employees can be challenging, especially in large industries. However, by implementing an Odoo ERP system, all concerns regarding food management in your company can be eliminated. The Odoo Lunch module ensures an accurate food supply for individuals within a firm. With the assistance of the Odoo database, lunch coupons and offers can be quickly provided to employees.

Through the Lunch module, each employee can efficiently order and select their meals within a shorter period. A well-organized lunchtime in a company offers better relaxation and increased activeness to employees.

Lunch Module in Odoo

The Lunch dashboard displays multiple orders created by employees, which can be easily sorted based on various categories located on the left side.

At the top of the page, you can view the name of the account holder, their office, and the total amount in their account. To place an order for a particular food item, simply click on it and add it to cart.

Lunch Module in Odoo

Once a product is added to the cart, the user can view the order details on the top right-hand side of the page, which displays the total cost.

Lunch Module in Odoo

To place your order click on the ORDER NOW button in the right corner.

Manager => Today’s Orders
Lunch Module in Odoo

You can view all orders placed today, along with the order date, vendor, product, location, price, and status.

My Lunch => My Order History
Lunch Module in Odoo

You can view the order history of the users.

Configuration => Products

On the left side, you can select the desired fields to view specific products based on their categories and vendors. To modify the details of a particular product, simply open the product and edit it.

Product Creation

New products can be created by clicking on the NEW button.

Enter the name of the product, select category, vendor, price, and expiration date. You can also add an image and description of the product in the designated area.

By utilizing the Lunch module, an organization can offer healthy food options and efficiently manage orders for its employees.

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