Managing Events in Odoo 15

Events Module is a flexible event management module that can handle a wide range of events. It can manage all forms of small and large-scale events, including conferences, festivals, seminars, webinars, and workshops. It includes everything from creating a schedule to selling tickets to securing sponsors and promoting the event.

When you go to the Events Module, you’ll see a list of all the events that have been created previously. Several stages can be generated for an event depending on the progress. Some default stages, such as New, Booked, and Announced, are available on the dashboard, and you can change your event between them. The event date is displayed on the left side. This also aids the user in determining the event’s name, as well as the number of individuals that intend to attend.

Events in Odoo 15

New events can be created by clicking the create button and filling in all the details. Filters and groups are available so that you can utilize the default and custom parameters for each of them, depending on your needs. When you click on any event, detailed information about that event can be found.

Events in Odoo 15

The event’s name, Date, Organizer, Timezone, Responsible person, and company are all given here. Use the edit option to add additional information in the event. You may also set a limit on the number of persons who can attend the events using the Limit Registrations option.

  • Tickets

After filling out the data on the new event creation form, you can begin selling tickets for your event. You have complete control over each ticket’s type and price, as well as the number of tickets available in each category. Click the Add a line button to create several types of tickets. You can add a previously developed product if you like. The user can choose the ticket price as well as the maximum number of seats available. It also allows the user to identify which seats are confirmed or unconfirmed.

  • Communication
Events in Odoo 15

It assists the user in initiating contact with the customer. Mail, SMS, or Social post can be used to start a conversation. It’s a good idea to use templates that correspond to the mode of communication you like. You can select the Unit as immediately, hours, days, weeks, or months. As the Trigger, choose between After each registration, Before the event, or After the event.

  • Questions

Under the questions tab, you can add the questions and answers by using the Add a line option.

  • Notes

You can provide any direction, information, or clarification to the event attendees under the notes menu.

You can publish the event on the website by clicking the Go to website button.

Publishing Events in website

The event can be published by clicking the Published button at the top of the window. To make any changes to the fields or want to add something to the event form, use the Edit option.

This is how Odoo helps to create new events using the Events module. Odoo has all of the capabilities needed for event management. This event management software is fully integrated with websites, accounts, and purchases, among other things.

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