Managing Multi Teams in CRM

Every lead is important to a business’s success and a quality lead can be turned into a sale.  Thus, the company keeps salespeople on board to supervise the transaction. As a result, a company may occasionally require the skills of a single salesperson who works in multiple teams. Odoo 15 has a new functionality called Multi Teams to add a member to several teams.

In Odoo, there are three main types of users:
  • Internal User
  • Portal
  • Public

An internal user is a person who works for a firm. It is possible to provide such people access permissions. They can use those access credentials to access modules in Odoo. The most prevalent Portal Users are customers and vendors. It is possible to provide them access to the portal. Public Users are the third type of user, and they are website visitors. As a result, Odoo can generate users. For that open the Settings app and create a user.

Settings => Users & Companies => Users
Users in Odoo

When you open the users menu, all the existing users are shown.

Users in Odoo

A new user can be created by clicking the Create button.

Users creation in Odoo

Enter the new User’s name, email address, access rights, preferences, oauth, and calendar. Select the user type and it is only available if the developer mode is enabled.

From the Access Right tab, you can grant the module access permissions. You can give users Technical Rights and other Extra Rights by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. These options will only appear if the user type is an internal user.

On the Preference tab, the user’s Localisation and Menu Customisation can be set. Localisation allows you to change the language, timezone, and other parameters that can be configured. Click the Save button once you’ve done filling out the form. Now the new internal user is created.

CRM => Configuration => Settings

In order to add a single person to many teams open the settings page and activate the Multi Teams option. Then you can assign a salesman to different teams.

Managing Multi Teams in CRM

Select Sales Teams from the configuration menu.

Sales team in odoo

Here you can see a list of already created sales teams. A new team can be created by clicking on the Create button.

Sales team creation

Mention the name of the new sales team and the team leader. It is possible to control who has access to the team’s email account. Accept Emails From is a policy that allows you to use a mail gateway to publish a message to a document. When creating a new team, you can also give an Invoicing Target. There is an ADD option available to add more members to the team.  

When you click the ADD button a list of internal users appears.

Salespersons in odoo

After selecting the required users click the select option. You can also create a new user by selecting the create option from this page. Now you can save the team after filling in the details.

Managing Multi Teams

In the same way, you can create another team and the same salesperson can be added to numerous sales teams. This is only possible if the Multi Teams option has been enabled in the settings.

Managing Multi Teams

Let’s see what occurs when the Multi Teams option is turned off and a salesperson is assigned to various sales teams.

Select Settings from the Configuration tab. Save after deactivating the Multi Teams option.

Managing Multi Teams

Now, add members to the sales team.

Sales Team

Adding members to this team who are part of other teams would remove them from their current teams. To add a salesperson to multiple teams, activate the multi-team option in the settings. This is how multi teams are managed in Odoo CRM.

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