Managing Skills and Resumes in Odoo

Employees are one of the important assets of an organization. Managing Skills and Resumes in Odoo of employees in a company are maintained in the Employees module in Odoo.
The Resume is an outline of your qualifications, skills, and achievements. Skills are acquired or learned qualities to do something in a better manner.
All the information about the employee’s skills, qualifications, and work experience is used to help the company in making the right decisions. Thus, it helps the manager to find suitable employees for job roles as per their skills.

Adding Skills and Resumes to employees

For adding the skills and resumes of the employees to their profile you should activate the skills management option available in the settings of the Employees module.

Employees Module => Configuration => Settings
Managing Skills and Resumes in Odoo

As the skills management is activated, you can add various skills and resume details to the employees.

Back to Employees menu:
Managing Skills and Resumes in Odoo

You can see the list of employees of the company.
A new employee can be created from the dashboard by clicking on Create button available or selecting the respective employee whose description has to be edited.

New employee creation:
Managing Skills and Resumes in Odoo

Add the details of the employee’s name, Job position, tags, mobile number email, department, manager, etc.


Under the resume tab, new resume lines and skills of the employee can be created by using create a new entry option.
After clicking Create a new entry option, you will be directed to the resume line window.

Managing Skills and Resumes in Odoo

Add the title, select the type and also provide a description. It is mandatory to add the start date. After providing the details, you can save & close the window or use the save & new button to create a new entry directly from here.

On selecting the type there will be an external link available on the side. By opening the link the name and the sequence of the type will be shown and can also be modified if required.

Managing Skills and Resumes in Odoo

Go back to the employee creation, below the resume tab you will be able to find the details that have been added.

Managing Skills and Resumes in Odoo

For adding skills to the employee select create a new entry option available under the skills tab.

Managing Skills and Resumes

Specify the skill type, skill, and the progress is generated immediately after adding the skill level. After adding the details choose to save & close or save & new option for adding extra skills.

Using the external links, changes can be made to the skill type and skill.
Opening the external links you can add new or modify the existing skills and levels as per the requirements.

Managing Skills and Resumes

Back to the employee, all the skills and resume details are added up. These could also be edited by selecting them and can be removed from the list.

Managing Skills and Resumes

You can easily search records of an employee who has certain skills or any specific resume details by using the search area available in the dashboard.

Managing Skills and Resumes in Odoo

Maintaining the resume and skill is beneficial for both the employees as well as the organization to enhance the growth by optimum use of the available resources.

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Managing Skills and Resumes in Odoo