New Features in Odoo-15 eLearning Module

Odoo offered e-learning features for virtually transferring information from one person to another. The E-learning model is a support tool that allows courses to be developed, forums to be built, and certification programs to be conducted and monitored. A Learning Management System is used to manage and provide training and learning materials, which is the foundation of eLearning. Users can access the content at any time and from any location. The quality of the content is always consistent. The digitization of training and learning materials ensures that information can be updated quickly and easily and that it may be made available in multiple languages.

When we access the module, we can see the course overview. Important information about the particular courses, such as the name, the number of contents and attendees, the assessments, and the duration, can all be seen. We can also create new courses or edit the existing ones.

Odoo-15 eLearning Overview

Opening a course we can see the full details about it.

Odoo-15 eLearning Module

The number of visits, finished courses, attendees, sales, and course reviews direct us to the appropriate data. Under the content tab, we can define the training and learning content. Then we can add the content name and an image. Choose the type and also select the course content’s duration and whether or not a preview or publish on the website. The Description tab is used to define the course description. You can set the course responsible person, website, access rights, allow ratings, forum, display, visibility are all configurable on the Options tab. Under Karma Rules users can assign reward points and access rights to specific actions.

Contact Attendees

This button is linked to the E-mail marketing feature, which allows you to send mass emails to attendees.

Odoo-15 eLearning Module

Configuration => Course Groups

Course Groups

The list view of Course Groups has been updated, and tags have been added to the list view. New course groups can be added by clicking on the create button.

Course groups in Odoo-15 eLearning

Odoo thus provides us with a simple effective Learning Management System. The different options provide us with the necessary flexibility to meet a wide range of requirements and to use the module effectively.

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