New Features in Odoo16

The latest version of Odoo – Odoo16, is the quickest, user friendly, and most advanced of all other odoo versions. To increase productivity and efficiency, a significant number of new features and tools are integrated into the existing modules of Odoo. Here we will see some of New Features in Odoo 16


Knowledge module

Odoo 16 has introduced a new module named Knowledge. The Knowledge app is highly integrated and enables the experts in your organisation to provide significant data that can be useful to all users. This application is much like an information sharing hub.

Employees can add a variety of information to the program, including administrative instructions, business procedures, versions and improvements, and informational articles. Team members can communicate vital or unrelated information with their coworkers in other departments as well as with one another.

The Knowledge module allows you to write and publish articles within the company, most of which are focused on the need to maintain effective internal communication. By just sharing a link, you can even share articles with those who do not use Odoo.

Website module

In the updated version Odoo 16 has combined the front end and back end of the Website module to produce a single user interface and increase the website’s customizability choices. There are now more customization and control options available for the Blocks or website building components.

Configurations can be finished without refreshing the page, giving you more management control over website settings.

Advanced chatbot

Odoo includes a chatbot that enables us to access data on the application server.

However, Odoo 16 adds additional questions and answers, which significantly enhances the usefulness of the chatbot. It also includes a decision tree where business users may ask questions and get immediate answers from the chatbot.

Discounts, Coupons & Promotions

In odoo16 it is simple to access and manage promotions, coupons, and discounts on your website from the centralised platform. These features can be used with sales orders, POS (Point of Sale), and eCommerce. Odoo 16 supports the e-wallet feature. Additionally, gift cards will be offered for sales orders.

All applications that use discounts, promotions, or coupons benefit the business’s sales and marketing efforts.

Inventory Module

You may utilise Inventory’s Upgraded Delivery Methods and Force back-order options, which make inventory management simpler.

One benefit of the module is having automated batches in operation types. The number of days that are left for inventory replenishment is alerted to you by new replenishment management tools. The problems associated with receiving replenishment visibility too late or not at all are eliminated by replenishment visibility days. Internal inventory transfers benefit from the Automated Batches functionality. The weight, transfers, and line, can all be used to limit the batch size.

Barcode printing, scanning, and lot management are made simple in Odoo 16.

Accounting Module

With the accounting module, you can now completely digitise your invoices for easy management and accessibility.

The Warning/alert feature enables simple management of customer credit limits for sales and invoices. The client invoice generation will also display the OCR-separate setting.

The generation of Journal Audit Reports has been enhanced with better readability and is connected to VAT regulations with improved modification information.

New widgets have been developed to enhance user convenience during the reconciliation process. Direct access to this reconciliation widget is available from the reconciliation section. The added feature of this widget is the fractionalization of currency differences on the invoice itself, enabling quick currency exchange management. When the Currency Exchange Difference is split on the invoice, the accounting module will provide greater control over invoices.

The integrated system of Odoo allows for the simple import of COA, contacts, entries, and other data. Odoo allows for routine tasks like customer refunds and cancellations. This updated version offers a better user experience and accurate computation methods.

Manufacturing Module

Users’ ability to merge and split Manufacturing orders is one of the crucial MRP characteristics since it facilitates efficient manufacturing management and well-structured planning. Using the link created with the sales order, the customer can monitor the progress of the manufactured good that was requested.

For the purpose of registering production to the subcontractor to outsource the order, the subcontracting portal was modified.

Through the addition of features and a new user interface, Odoo makes sure you create the maximum level of efficiency in business administration. All these upgraded and new features in odoo16 will help you streamline your productivity.

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