Product Kit for Selling Components in Odoo-15

In the business world, selling kits or combo products is common. It is a means of combining different items and making them a new product. Products that are frequently used together can be combined and offered as a kit. Sales are increased by using a kit or a combination of products. Let’s explore Product Kit for Selling Components in Odoo-15

A kit is a collection of components that are delivered unassembled or unmixed. Bills of Materials are used to describe kits in Odoo. The kit product’s stock is maintained in two primary approaches. For configuring kits either the Inventory or Manufacturing applications must be installed. A sales order is required to sell the kit product, whereas a delivery order is required to deliver the kit product’s components.

Manufacturing => Products

Product Kit for Selling Components in Odoo-15 Manufacturing

Create a new product by opening the products page.

Product Kit for Selling Components in Manufacturing

Name the product, change the product type to consumable since no products are in stock only components are available, and add the sale price. Under the inventory tab select the manufacture routes.

Product Kit for Selling Components in Manufacturing

Once the products are configured save it and create a bill of materials for the product. Bill of materials can be directly assessed from the smart button available at the top or go to Products => Bill of Materials.

Bill of Materials

Choose the BoM type as a Kit to sell the products contained in that kit. Add the components and quantity of components to the kit under the components tab. After entering all the details save the bill of material. When someone is ready to order this kit you can create a sales order.

Sales => Quotations

Sale order for product kit

After adding the customer name and the product kit confirm the sale order. Once the order is confirmed the delivery orders are visible.

Delivery order

Individual components can be found in the detailed operations tab on the delivery order. Once it is ready you can validate it. This is how products are sold using Kit.

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