QuickBooks’s Exit from India : Exploring Odoo as a potential alternative to QuickBooks?

For the past decade, Intuit has been offering its financial and business management software, QuickBooks, to small businesses in India. However, this is all set to change  as Intuit has decided to discontinue the offering of QuickBooks in India.

The company will also no longer accept new subscriptions for QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Online Accountant, QuickBooks mobile app, and QuickBooks Time in India.

So, what do you do now if you’re a small business in India who has been relying on QuickBooks for your financial and business management needs? Don’t worry, there is a solution. Introducing Odoo, a comprehensive business management suite that can help you streamline your operations and make your life easier.

As an official Odoo partner, Infintor Solutions is providing Odoo implementation services to help you make the transition from QuickBooks to Odoo. Odoo will help you avoid redundant data entry and reduce errors, giving you more time to focus on what really matters – growing your business.

Don’t get stuck with outdated software like QuickBooks. Upgrade to Odoo and experience the benefits of a modern, all-in-one business management solution. Get in touch with Infintor Solutions today to learn more about Odoo and how it can help your business.

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In the evolving landscape of business management software, QuickBooks’s exit from India prompts a need for a reliable alternative. Odoo emerges as the solution, offering a comprehensive suite for streamlined operations. As an official Odoo partner, Infintor Solutions facilitates a seamless transition, ensuring minimal disruptions to your business. Odoo not only minimizes redundant data entry but also reduces errors, providing the time and freedom to concentrate on business growth. Trust Infintor Solutions to guide you through this transition and unlock the full potential of Odoo for your financial and business management needs.

odoo as a QuickBooks Alternative
QuickBooks Exit in India