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Employees are the key to your success!! How well you manage your Human resource to bring out their energy & talent for a bigger purpose will determine whether your organization will be a success or failure. Building trust is crucial in retaining your employee & growing your business.

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HRMS Software in Kochi


HR Management System

Manage all employee related operations ranging from Recruitment, Attendance Management, Leave Management, Appraisal, Payroll Final Settlement in a single software. Reduce your burden of work by using HRMS software as an aid & make work more enjoyable.Custom made reports made according your unique needs will go a long way in helping you analyse & make better decision with backing of factual data.

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Why Infintor?

Infintor’s HRM software has streamlined and improved the complex structure of HR processes , making it easier for your company to focus on the most important asset of your organization – The People. The User-friendly online solution that conforms to modern practices in HR.
Managing employee records across large and complex organizational structure is a herculean task as far as an HR is concerned. But we make it much easier and simpler with the features that we exhibit.

Human Resource Management Software

Key Features

A Complete HR & Payroll solution for every business

HR Software


Handle all stages of recruitment internally rather than outsourcing them to external agencies in a professional way easily.

HRMS Software


Having a good employee profile system, communication and decision making is made easier and puts comprehensive employee information such as Joining details, family details, emergency, club membership profile and much more.

Human Resource Management Software

Document Expiry

Document Expiry Management helps the HR in managing the expiry of documents such as ID, Passport, Driving license, visa, and health card expiry.

Human Resource Software


This module helps the administrator to maintain and manage all the employees leave applications with ease.

HR Software


Having the right payroll solution can save time, money and also, simplifies the processing & publishing of employee payment with the reporting system.

HR Management Software


Our HRMS helps you keep track of the intensity of performance enabling them to make decisions that drive productivity and boost profits. Create appraisals in minutes and review employees’ performances.

HR Management Software

Custody Management

The tools and products issued to the employees can be checked using custody management and its status, which enables one to know the tools that are deployed to the employees.

HR Management Software

Biometric Integration

Integrate your biometric and access control devices with our HR and Payroll system.

HR Management Software

ERP integration + automation

We have a flexible HR solution that helps to accelerate your integration journey with any other ERPs like SAP, Oracle etc ..

HR Management Software

Publish jobs in Website / Apps

Create the vacancies using the recruitment module. After adding requirements like skills and experience pertaining to job positions, users can publish them on the website and app. Aspiring candidates visiting the website and app can apply easily and attach their CV with the application on site.

HR Management Software

Attendance & Time-tracking

Monitor & track attendance and work hours record of employees. Weekly or monthly timesheets with optional attendance tracking.

Human Resource Management

Manage your employees using effective HR management software by automating & streamlining operations at your organization. Create a conducive environment to evaluate the performance of your employees in a transparent way.

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We are very fortunate that we have established great partnerships with many of our clients.
And we have not only developed working relationships with them; we have developed genuine friendships. That’s how they talk about us.

“You cannot mandate productivity; you must provide the tools to let people become their best” Steve Jobs

Reduce burden of work by using HRMS software as an aid & make work more enjoyable by ensuring a jovial atmosphere

HR Management Software

Benefits of

  • Monitoring Employee Performance
  • Attendance Management  
  • Efficient payroll management  
  • Elimination of errors and risks  
  • Improved decision-making
  • Cost-effective  
  • Data security  


In this rapidly evolving world fueled by the latest technologies, it is imperative to hop on to this journey before it is too late & transform the way you operate to stay relevant in the market. We at Infintor believe in growing together & serves as an enabler in streamlining & simplifying your operations your team work smarter & faster. We have successfully implemented our hrms solution at small & medium scale organizations having employees 10-150 as well as large sacle organization having 5000+ employees.

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