Transforming Retail: Infintor’s eCommerce Success Story with Safari Hypermarket in Qatar and UAE

In the competitive world of retail, staying ahead means embracing digital transformation. Safari Hypermarket, a prominent retail chain with a strong presence in Qatar and the UAE, recognized this need. To elevate their customer experience and expand their reach, Safari partnered with Infintor for a comprehensive eCommerce implementation. The results were nothing short of remarkable.


Safari Hypermarket faced several challenges in its quest for digital transformation:

  • Vast Product Range: Managing a wide array of products and categories demanded a robust eCommerce solution.
  • Precise Delivery: Implementing a time slot-based delivery system was essential to cater to customer preferences.
  • Shipment Diversity: Different shipment methods were needed to ensure efficient and convenient delivery options.
  • Seamless Payments: Integrating a secure payment gateway was crucial for hassle-free transactions.
  • Customer Engagement: Safari aimed to enhance customer engagement through push notifications and SMS integration.
  • Multilingual Support: The requirement for English and Arabic languages, including Right-to-Left (RTL) text direction, was essential for catering to diverse audiences.
  • Deals & Offers: To stay competitive, Safari needed a platform to showcase their deals and offers effectively.
  • Scalability and Reliability: The solution had to be deployed on a reliable platform, and AWS was the choice for scalability.
  • Integration with ERP: Linking the eCommerce system with Safari’s ERP was vital for seamless business operations.
  • Multi-Country & Multi-Currency: Operating in two countries meant supporting multiple currencies and varying market dynamics.
  • Cart Abandonment: Addressing abandoned carts was crucial to optimizing conversions.

Infintor’s eCommerce Solution:

Infintor’s eCommerce implementation addressed Safari Hypermarket’s diverse needs.

Key Features:

  • Extensive Product Management: Safari now handles vast product catalogs effortlessly, with streamlined categorization.
    Time Slot Delivery: Customers can choose delivery slots that suit their schedules.
    Varied Shipment Methods: From express to standard, Safari offers multiple delivery options.
    Secure Payment Gateway: Payment transactions are secure and hassle-free.
    Engagement Tools: Push notifications and SMS integration keep customers engaged.
    Multilingual Support: The platform seamlessly operates in both English and Arabic (RTL).
    Deals & Offers Showcase: Safari promotes deals and offers effectively, increasing customer interest.
    AWS Deployment: Infintor deployed the solution on AWS for scalability and reliability.
    ERP Integration: The eCommerce system and Safari’s ERP work together seamlessly.
    Multi-Country & Multi-Currency: Safari serves customers in Qatar and the UAE, adapting to different currencies and market conditions.
    Abandoned Cart Recovery: Measures are in place to recover abandoned carts, boosting conversions.


Infintor’s eCommerce solution brought about significant transformations for Safari Hypermarket:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Customers can now shop conveniently, with precise delivery options and easy payment methods.
  • Market Expansion: Safari has expanded its digital presence across Qatar and the UAE, reaching a broader audience.
  • Revenue Growth: The implementation has led to increased sales and conversions, particularly through effective deals and offers.
  • Operational Efficiency: Integration with the ERP streamlines backend operations.
  • Global Accessibility: The eCommerce platform adapts to multiple languages and currencies, making it accessible to a diverse customer base.


Infintor’s eCommerce implementation has propelled Safari Hypermarket into the digital age, enhancing the shopping experience for customers in Qatar and the UAE. This success story showcases the power of embracing technology to stay competitive and meet the evolving demands of the retail industry. Safari Hypermarket continues to thrive, offering a seamless and feature-rich online shopping experience to its valued customers.