Infintor Successfully Implements Odoo ERP and E-commerce Solution for Maz Performance in Saudi Arabia.

Infintor, a trusted Odoo partner, is thrilled to unveil the success story of our collaboration with Maz Performance, a leading automobile spare parts retailer based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This case study showcases the transformative integration of Odoo’s ERP and e-commerce solutions, bolstered by AWS deployment, resulting in remarkable efficiency gains and an enriched online shopping experience for Maz Performance’s esteemed clientele.

The Challenge

Maz Performance, a formidable presence in the fiercely competitive automobile spare parts retail sector, recognized the urgent need to modernize its operations. Driven by a vision to offer customers a superlative online shopping experience, they embarked on a quest for a comprehensive solution to streamline their business processes.

The Solution

Infintor, leveraging its profound expertise as an Odoo partner, initiated a collaborative journey with Maz Performance. The primary objectives were to craft a robust ERP system and elevate their e-commerce platform. The bedrock for this ambitious venture was Odoo, a potent open-source ERP software, further enhanced by AWS deployment.

ERP Implementation

Infintor’s meticulous approach to ERP implementation spanned key areas:

  • Sales Management: Odoo’s sales module empowered Maz Performance to efficiently manage leads, quotations, sales orders, and customer communications. This enabled them to enhance their customer relationships and drive revenue growth.
  • Purchase Management: Streamlining procurement processes was essential. Odoo’s purchase module facilitated supplier management, purchase order creation, and inventory replenishment, optimizing resource allocation.
  • Inventory Management: Centralized inventory control allowed Maz Performance to minimize stockouts, reduce excess inventory, and improve order fulfillment accuracy. Real-time insights into inventory levels became invaluable for decision-making.

E-commerce Transformation

Maz Performance’s e-commerce platform was meticulously designed, focusing on key features:

  • Vast Product Range: Customers now enjoy access to an extensive catalog of high-quality automobile spare parts, ensuring they find precisely what they need.
  • Multilingual Support: To cater to a diverse clientele, the e-commerce site offers multilingual support, breaking down language barriers and expanding the customer base.
  • Integration with Odoo: The seamless integration of the e-commerce platform with Odoo’s ERP ensures real-time synchronization of inventory, prices, and customer data, providing a unified and error-free experience.
  • Omni-channel Sales Experience: Customers can effortlessly shop online, with the assurance of a secure and convenient experience. The platform offers multiple payment options, partners with renowned delivery services like DHL, and SMSA, and even provides push notifications to keep customers informed of deals and offers.
  • Deals & Offers Showcase: The e-commerce platform showcases exclusive deals and offers, enhancing the shopping experience and incentivizing purchases.
  • Secure Payment Gateway: The implementation includes robust security measures, safeguarding customer data and facilitating secure transactions, instilling trust in online shoppers.
  • Push Notifications: Customers receive timely push notifications, keeping them updated on the latest deals, offers, and order status.
  • SMS Gateway Integration: The platform seamlessly integrates with SMS gateways to facilitate instant communication with customers, enhancing order tracking and customer support.
  • Email Gateway Integration: Email gateway integration enables efficient email communication with customers, improving engagement and support.
  • Multiple Shipments: Customers have the flexibility to choose multiple shipment options, enhancing convenience and allowing them to tailor their delivery preferences.

The Outcome

Maz Performance’s strategic investments in ERP implementation and e-commerce enhancement, coupled with AWS deployment, have yielded outstanding results. The ERP system optimizes internal processes, while the e-commerce platform offers a vast product range, multilingual support, seamless Odoo integration, a secure payment gateway, push notifications, SMS gateway integration, email gateway integration, and multiple shipments. This comprehensive solution has elevated the customer experience and positioned Maz Performance for sustained growth and success in the competitive automobile spare parts retail market.


Infintor’s partnership with Maz Performance underscores the transformative potential of technology in fueling business growth. By amalgamating Odoo’s ERP prowess with an enriched e-commerce experience, Maz Performance has not only streamlined operations but also provided a superior shopping journey for customers. With AWS deployment and an array of innovative features, Maz Performance is primed for continued success.

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