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In this rapidly changing Business Environment, hiring Employees for unforeseen growth opportunity can sometimes turn out to be a huge liability for organization if things don’t pan out as anticipated. To complete a project with technical experts & without long term employee liability at a reasonable cost, you can depend on Us.

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Missing Opportunity due to lack of human resource is also not acceptable. We at Infintor offers Comprehensive Solutions to meet your needs with Various packages available for organizations of all scale ranging from small scale companies with less than 20 employees to large enterprises having more than 500 employees.  Our company has pool of professionals having experience in diverse sectors who will be available at your Service.

Benefits Of Employee Staffing

Technical Expertise

Technical Expertise

You will receive help from professionals having on-field and in-depth knowledge & experience.

High Flexibility

High Flexibility

There is no commitment as in case of full time Employees as well as risk of Bad Hires is avoided.

Reduce Labour Cost

Reduce Labour Cost

No need to conduct tedious recruitment process and other costs involved in long term liability of employee which leads to reduction in overall costs.

Improve Productivity

Improve Productivity

Overloaded work schedule can increase work-related burnout. Outsourcing those work can help to keep our Regular employees fresh while also achieve the business objectives.

Save Time

Save Time

Professionals having knowledge in specific fields will be handed over projects which will require less training time & thus save Overall development time as well as cost.

On Time Completion

On Time Completion

Timely completion of work goes a long way in achieving the objective of customer satisfaction. Our Experienced personnel will ensure that projects are completed on time beyond expectations.

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Why Choose Infintor?

  • Experienced Developers
  • Expertise in Diverse Sectors
  • Clean Code & Superior Software
  • High Productivity at Reasonable Price
  • Reliable Partner with Proven Track Record
  • Project Completion in time-bound manner
  • 100% transparency
  • Support During All Stages of Project Implementation
  • Smooth training & on boarding conducted for smooth transition


Experienced Developers
Experienced Developers

Seamless Experience

Your Reliable Employee Staffing Partner

We are Ready to share our technical expertise built over long years of work in diverse sectors with you at reasonable price. We believe in Working Together & Growing Together. If you are looking for a reliable Employee Staffing Partner for your Projects; Do contact us on our website www.infintor.com & We will make sure you get desired performance from the project & strive to make this partnership long lasting and beneficial one to both.

Reliable Partner

Reliable Partner with Proven Track Record!

If you are looking for a reliable Employee Staffing Partner for your Projects. We believe in Working Together & Growing Together.



In this rapidly evolving world fueled by the latest technologies, it is imperative to hop on to this journey before it is too late & transform the way you operate to stay relevant in the market. We at Infintor believe in growing together & serves as an enabler in streamlining & simplifying your operations your team work smarter & faster. Create the content & spread information, news across the world by using news portal on the go.

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