Defining Tracks in Odoo Events Module

Odoo 15 uses additional methods to assist users to manage, track, create, and lead events. Odoo 15 Events module may help you organize multiple events in less time and handle your business events more efficiently. Every industry will hold several events to promote and express. As a result, we can easily organize and execute events using the Events Management module.

The Events module in odoo 15 is used to organize many events and guide participants in registering their interests. Users may control ticketing and the amount of attendance, as well as set up program alerts. For entrepreneurs’ success, the Odoo platform allows them to sponsor or sell events.

Configuration => Settings
Defining Tracks in Odoo Events Module

Activate schedule & Track options from the Settings page. 

Adding Tracks in Odoo Events

Choose one of the events from the Events dashboard. The Event’s specifics, such as the date, organizer, timezone, company, and venue are visible. There are smart buttons available for Attendees, Registration desk, Booths, Tracks, Sponsors, Rooms and Go to Website for quick access.

Adding Tracks in Events

New Track Events creation

Open the Tracks option and select the Create icon in the Events Tracks. Enter details about your Event’s discussion on the new page. Enter the following information: title, track date, location, duration, responsible person, event, and tags. You may add an image for your Track. You can also use a Youtube Video Link and enable the Always Wishlisted features to assist the talk to become the most popular among the event participants.

Tracks in Odoo Events Module

Under the Speakers tab, you can add details about the speakers. You can fill in the Contact details and Speaker Bio.

You can provide information about the talk in the Description tab. The Interactivity tab allows you to turn on the magic button then you can mention the Button Title, Button Target URL, and Button Appearing Time after the Track starts. Save the information.

To apply questions for the track, activate the Event Gamification option from the settings page. Then, you’ll be able to see the Add Quiz icon. To make a quiz on the talk, click the Quiz icon.

Defining Tracks in Odoo Events Module

A new window appears to add the title and choose whether or not to allow multiple tries. After entering all of the details, we can add a question by clicking on the Add a Line option below the Question tab. After saving, go back to the Event window and you can see the Go to Quiz tab appears.

Defining Tracks in Odoo Events Module

Open the Go to Website option. This window displays information about the talk. The talk can be published by clicking the Published button at the top. As a result, it is available to all participants, and the tracks and questions can be found on the company’s website. It can also be marked as a favourite.

Events published in website

You can also create talks by opening the Go to Website option and select the Talk proposals option.

Published events in website

You can fill in details about the talk and the speaker profile. After filling out all of the information for the talk, click the Submit proposal button. Selecting the Talks, you can see future or ongoing talks. This option also allows you to book the speakers as part of an event.

Events in website

The tracks of events are presented in different stages. The three-dot Button near each track is used to View, Edit, and Delete the track, respectively.

Event tracks different stages

By selecting the + icon next to each stage, you can add a new track. Then, to add a new stage, click the Add a Column button. Different viewing options are available to view the Event Tracks in List view, Calendar, Graph, Activity, and Gantt Format.

Events Module allows you to create events and listen to talks from several speakers.  The Odoo 15 Events module makes event planning, design, and promotion simple.  The advanced features of the module help you manage event participants, tickets, communication, and also helps you promote and sell your business program.

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