Managing sales in a company is a critical responsibility that necessitates a complete platform to properly coordinate and monitor all sales-related activities. The advanced tools and features in Odoo 15 will help you boost the efficiency of your sales team’s operations. In the Odoo 15 Sales module, significant improvements to the Dashboard view, Filters, Products menu, Reporting function, website view of product attributes, and UoM settings are changed. All of these capabilities can help you manage your sales more effectively using Odoo.

  • Dashboard

Reporting => Dashboard

Users will be able to access the sales dashboard if the current month’s sales orders are filtered. Both the graphical and pivot representations can be used to display the reports.

  • Unit of Measure Categories

Configuration => Unit of Measure Categories

The Sales UOM Category view has been improved. Units of measurements can be managed from here and new measurements can be created by clicking on the create option.

  • Bookmark Products

Products => Products

By clicking on the star, users can save products they want to remember. This functionality will aid in the prioritization of essential products among all Odoo configured products. You can easily filter your favorite products with this star symbol. This feature is available in the Product Dashboard’s Kanban and List views.

Users can also utilize the favorites filter to filter all of the products you’ve chosen as favorites.

  • The Product Template view changed
  • Product Type

Users will now be able to choose from the following product types:                                                  

  • Gift Card
  • Event Ticket
  • Event Booth

These are the new product types introduced in Odoo 15.

  • Attributes & Variant Configuration

Users can now configure product variants straight from the Attributes & Variants tab.

  • Print Labels

Users will be able to print product labels, which will include the product’s internal reference, barcode, and price tag. Users will be able to create labels for a single product in the product template view, as well as in the products list view.

To print labels on products select the respective products and then click the Print Labels button.

Specify the Quantity, Extra Content, and Format, and then click the Confirm button. 

After confirming, you will get a printout of the label.

  • Accrued Revenue Entry

Users will be able to generate accrued revenue entry from Sales Quotation by selecting an accrual account.

After creating a quotation, select the Accrued Revenue Entry option from the action tab, and you will be directed to another window to add the details.

The Sales module has been updated to ensure optimal efficiency in sales management processes. Odoo 15 includes advanced capabilities in the Sales module to help salespeople perform better when dealing with challenging tasks.

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