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Digital marketing trends in the near future

Today, at this rate the world is progressing at a higher acceleration  and when we look past the year, there is so much new and more coming up.  Businessmen have to keep themselves updated on the new marketing trends  to keep up at pace with the other competitors. One step behind can also  leave you at the shore with many others catching up. Digital marketing  has made a big change in the marketing phase and you require tools to  move forward. So here are some things you need to keep in mind.Artificial IntelligenceAI  is the technical intelligence, where monotonous human jobs are done by  computer operating systems. Robots and machines are fasting replacing  human hands and intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has turned out to  be a need for the vast processes that are involved in today's digital  marketing.Marketing AutomationMarketing Automation is where  the use of the software is put into action to automate marketing  processes like segmentation of customer data, data integration and  managing of campaigns.
Infintor's marketing, sales, and CRM (customer  relationship management) solutions are some examples for marketing  automation. You can grow with infintor's custom softwareInteractive contenPeople  expect interactive session everywhere. Purely passive listening isn't  anybody's cup of tea at this stage. So interaction is the key. People  like to have quizzes, questionnaire sessions, infographics etc.  Augmented reality and virtual reality seem to have hit the right spot  for interaction.Influencer marketingPeople tend to look up  at people who they see as role models to them or the society and often  these are some sort of celebrities. Advertisements done by prominent  people increases the brand value and gets more market than those with  lesser prominent people. The more influential person you take the more  your services reach.Live streamingNow social media platforms  are using live streaming as a tool to improve their marketing  strategies. Most importantly this rise is because cheaper data plans,  easy access to the content and also gives the viewer a personal feeling  and that of trust. Live streaming can be done in many ways, they can  include questionnaires, workshops, launches etcMobile marketingAt  the present state, all working sector have smartphones. Smartphones  seem to have easy access to all kinds of marketing. It is important to  note that SMS marketing and proximity marketing are the key factors to  mobile marketing approaches. Mobile Apps are having a growing importance  in today's market.SEOSearch Engine Optimisation has been an  important part of digital marketing and it's also called "marketing in  the modern way". It has also proven to be the most effective method of  digital marketing. SEO and digital marketing go hand in hand and more or  less the same, though not synonyms.


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