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Top Features of POS Software


Many of you might be aware of the POS system, probably you would have found it in retailstores when you stand for billing.“Point-Of-Sale” software is one of the finest software tools that are vital for any retail business as it makes super easy in maintaining the day-to-day operations. POS can integrate other systems and software, such as accounting apps or eCommerce platforms, or connect with networks and databases to expand the business’ operational capability. 

POS software has many features depending on the requirement of the end user and the industry it will be used for. Some of the common features that POS Software exhibit are as follows.

FAST CHECKOUT: This is one of the main features of POS as it creates a quick and easy checkout experience for the customers. At checkout, staff can add items easily to a sale through barcode scan or touchscreen entry. a POS system accepts and records check, cash, credit card, and even gift card payments and enables customers to split payments the way they wish. Credit card signatures can be collected electronically as well as on paper and receipts can be printed or emailed according to the customer's preference.

INVENTORY TRACKING : WIND POS helps in maximizing the profits by taking control of your inventory. Inventory management is one of the important areas of business and the reason behind business adopt POS. Virtually every POS system on the market stores key product data such as supplier information and wholesale cost, regular, sale and discount prices for items in terms of color, size and current stock quantities. Most POS systems also integrate the inventory data with various e-commerce platforms to automate real-time stock updates between your POS system and online sales channels thereby promoting the growth of the company.

CUSTOMER DATA: POS System allows you to keep an extensive record of customer information and will let the purchasing team know what are the products that customers buy frequently and this makes it easier to place the orders accordingly. The data can also help the customer relation team build an effective loyalty program, which can increase sales in the long run of the retail stores.

AUTOMATED PURCHASING PROGRAM : A good POS allows the business to have a streamlined process of connecting with suppliers. This feature of POS never lets you never go out of the stock. Also, the POS can easily get connected with the suppliers on time and place the order for the required quantity. POS acts as an e-procurement system for your organization and makes it super easy to function.

PAYMENT CARD INDUSTRY (PCI) AGREEMENT: It is one of the most important features which can help the business build trust and loyalty with its customers. PCI Agreement ensures that the credit and debit card details of every customer are safe, also system will offer advanced security features to protect customer data, including encryption, tokenization and EMV technology.

ADVANCED REPORTING: POS acts as a reporting tool and ensures that the information about all the relevant aspects of a multi-chained store is stored. It should store information such as product styles or models, weekly sales, monthly sales, annual sales, and hourly transactions. Thus, having the right POS for your business can enhance the growth and stability of the organization directly and indirectly.

DIGITAL SIGNAGE: this feature of POS helps to generate additional revenue by selling advertisements to vendors and suppliers, promotes feature sales, impulse merchandise, cross-sells products. Deliver messages to enterprise-wide and target specific audiences in the prime locations. Also, the physical feature is the Display advertisements on LCD pole displays, full-size LCD displays, and pin pads which is very easy to identify and use.

There are a lot more features that perform excellently! Choosing the right POS will enhance the business growth and makes it super easy to work on it!

We at INFINTOR, develop the software using the best practices, to streamline day-to-day activities, automate the procedures, integrate accounting and reports. INFINTOR presents WIND POS, the super compatible and reliable POS system which enhances your customer services and easy to use techniques helps you keep up speed and efficiency.

Choose the best POS! Choose WIND POS!!




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